Creating quality content is hard work and takes time.

You’re no stranger to the grind. Your grit helped you become successful.

But what got you here won’t get you there. These days you’re busy building your business and giving your clients the attention they deserve.

So you considered hiring a freelancer to help take the load off.

Someone who cares as much about your firm’s success as you do.

Someone who can add value to your prospects through stories.

After all, those who tell the stories rule the world.

Okay, ruling the world seems like a big lift.

Better keep it niche.

You know, become or stay competitive enough to rule a section of your industry.

Congratulations, you just found someone genuinely interested in your success and that of your clients.


My name is Chris. I currently work full-time as a marketer during the day and freelance content creator at night.

I love storytelling and approach each piece of content with a conversational writing style that is easily digestible for your audience.

I would love to help you with your content creation projects.

Looking forward to connecting soon.