Public Relations Plan created during Public Relations Strategy course

Media kit created during a Public Relations writing course at UF:

In January 2021, my article “A new way to notarize in a COVID-19 world was published in the Hillsborough County Bar Association’s Lawyer Magazine. View the article in the file below:

As part of a multimedia writing class, I had to write various product release kickstarters. Here is a sample:

This is a video I created for my son by using Premier Pro. Learning how to create and cut videos was by far my most favorite assignment during the Sight, Sound and Motion class at UF.

This is an example of an Infographic created by using during a Sight, Sound and Motion class at UF. It tells a little bit about myself.

Here is a sample of a photo essay created during a multimedia writing class at UF. I created the photo essay with PowerPoint and applied the photography and writing skills obtained during the course.

These are supreme court case briefs I wrote during a Law of Mass Communication class at UF.