How to get started creating content on LinkedIn

My next guest fell into marketing by chance, and we’re all the better for it!

Nick Bennett studied Sports & Movement Science at Salem State University, planning to become the next big athletic director or professional sports agent when he realized he needed to further his education to do so or start selling tickets for the Red Sox at $10/hour. 

No fun! 

So, he decided to get into sales, which then put him in various marketing roles, eventually earning him a job as Sr. Director of ELG & Evangelism at Airmeet, a virtual event platform focused on a people-first approach.  

Nick also hosts the Anonymous Marketer Podcast, a show that answers marketing-related questions many want to ask but are afraid to utter for fear of looking ignorant. 

“I want this to be a safe space to ask questions to help marketers,” Nick says. 

As a SaaS marketing leader, to Nick, the creator economy is the future. 

“It goes back to embracing a people-first mindset,” he says. 

“We want to empower people to be creators, whether through podcasts, blog posts, or social media engagement.”

The creator economy is still in the early adopter phase. However, Nick predicts that in about three years, MarchTech and SalesTech firms will change their strategy and hire full-time creators or work with them externally to help with their marketing needs. 

As someone with nearly 50k followers and over 15 million eyes on his content over the last three years, he thanks his former boss @Kyle Coleman for encouraging him to post about field marketing on LinkedIn. 

He was an overnight success! 

Or so you’d think. 

“I started creating content around field marketing for six months, and no one liked my stuff,” he recalls. 

“It was crickets!”

He saw some traction after six months, but it took about one year of posting five times a week to see a significant engagement increase. 

“I think when you stick with it long enough, people will like you for you,” Nick says. 

“Being your authentic self, people will like the content you create regardless of what it is about.”

Know that there are tons of lurkers on LinkedIn who will never engage with your content but will send you DMs thanking you for the difference you made because of your efforts. 

If you’re thinking about being part of the creator economy, “do it because you want to, not because someone told you to do it. Do it because you’re getting joy out of it,” Nick says.

Educational content usually gets the most traction.

Two lessons he’s learned throughout his marketing career: 

1) Haters Hate. Creators Create! 

2) Don’t be afraid to fail and talk about it!

“It’s ok to talk about failure, and it’s ok to have them,” Nick says. 

Most importantly, remember lessons learned, and keep moving forward, my friends. 

If you’re a content marketer, Nick suggests checking out the Revenue Vitals and Content Logistics podcasts.

To learn more about Nick, check out the full episode in the comments and follow him on LinkedIn. 

Until next time. ✌️


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